About Me

1989 computer demo changes my career course

I have been designing Web sites from my home office since 1997. Before that, I was a print designer, and before that, my formal training was Fashion Design. I spent 10 years in fibre and fashion, with plenty of graphic design as part of my work. In 1989, I saw a demo of an early Aldus PageMaker version. Within weeks I had a bank loan and a new computer. Three months later, I had paid off the bank loan with my graphic-design earnings, and have made my living in front of a screen ever since.

1997 move to the Web

In 1996, I spent evenings teaching myself to code HTML and the very new CSS styling, and launched my Web business in 1997. Those were the wild-west days of Web development. I have no desire to go back, but being part of the developing Web has given me a unique set of skills and experience, as has being in business for my whole adult work life. See more about my Web development skills and experience here

Philosophy of design

I’ve worked with clients all over Canada and the United States on my own, and as part of a team of developers in Michigan and Washington. My sites are known for fast loading, clean code and timeless design.  I’m a feet-on-the-ground person, and that shows in my work. I’m also committed to providing the best value for a professional site. I don’t have bargain prices, but I have all the skills that a large firm can offer, at a fraction of the price. With no collaboration time (i.e., meetings) and low overhead, I can deliver your site quickly, and at a price an agency cannot not touch.  See samples of my Web development work here

Writing about Web development

I spent a couple of years as a graphic columnist for WebReference.com, and my articles are still available. Here’s an example of an article on shadows. That column lead to writing work with Adobe Magazine (no longer in print). See a sample article here. My writing for Adobe caught the attention of an acquisitions editor, and I wrote four Web development books, including Great Web Typography for Wiley and Sons. 

Adopting WordPress

While I’m a woman with a history in the Web development world, I’ve also kept up as the world shifted time and time again. Today, I build most of my sites on a WordPress base. Millions of the best developers in the world are focussed on advancing WordPress. It’s smart to capitalize on that work.