Most sites that I do are unique, and will be quoted individually. However, some sites are not complicated, and can be constructed in a cost-effective way by selecting a commercial template and building the site with few custom features or changes. The following package pricing is for this scenario, and do not allow for extensive customization. Even if you require more individual services, the packages below will give you an idea of base cost. Call me, and discuss your needs. I will prepare a custom quote for your specific needs. 

Hosting costs, domain-name registration fee or ongoing maintenance costs are not included in the following prices. However, arranging for and installing your site and connecting/activating your domain name are included. 

Professional Presentation Starter Package

  • Template based, WordPress site with minor customization to match your brand, i.e., adding your existing logo, and desired colours. Select your look from over a dozen basic layouts
  • Optimization and placement of up to 10 provided images. Stock images may be available at an extra charge
  • Includes up to two contact forms
  • Includes installing your site on a server, and connecting your domain name to the site. Does not include hosting cost for your account, or fees for your domain name
  • Includes up to 10 pages, plus adding your provided content. Minor editing of grammar and spelling is included. Extensive optimizing of content for more effective search results or to improve visitor conversion to customers is available with an extra charge
  • Creating and installing a blog 
  • Adding connection to your social media content, i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Adding newsletter sign-up form and connection to contact company like Constant Contact
  • Create menu that is easy to customize, creating  easy setup for you to add pages and new menu items

Call to discuss your needs.