My Skills


I started building Web professionally sites in 1997. In early days, most sites were built with HTML, and styled with CSS. Action was usually provided by JavaScript. My depth of knowledge from growing along with HTML and CSS has led to consulting work with major media organizations and corporations. These giant companies have full Web development teams, but I have been hired to provide a plan for their teams to create more efficient, modular structure for their sites. 


I am capable of coding from scratch, but that model is expensive to develop, and even more expensive to add new features as technology advances. WordPress provides a quick start, along with the base to allow easy self-editing. Powerful functions can be added to your site easily and inexpensively through plugins. 

WordPress sites use PHP to provide information from a mySQL database for browsers to display pages. Templates and plugins can be used to add function and provide the look and feel, but I can also make custom changes to any WordPress component. Wherever possible, I use ready-made solutions, but in my experience, every site has one special need that requires custom code. I can make those changes, quickly and with code that will not cause conflict in the future. 

Web content

Content is critical to the success of any site. I have written four books, and have years of experience working with content that best meets both conversion (converting visitors to customers) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goals. If required, I can write all copy for your site, though it is more common to take your copy and edit it for Web optimization. 

I have the experience to make sure your copy is presented in a way that visitors can use. In fact, I literally wrote the book. One of my books is Great Web Typography, a comprehensive guide to presenting type on the Web in a way that is easily read and absorbed by visitors. 


I started my first tiny business at 15 and a second at 18. I have started and run businesses that have included retail, wholesale, publishing, import/export and business services. My marketing experience is deep and varied, and is one of my favourite subjects. I can help you set up a marketing strategy, and connect you with other marketing experts if required. My marketing experience also helps me build effective sites. 

Your unique site

No matter what your site may need, I have the experience and skills to guide you to the best solution for your business. But perhaps my greatest skill is using my skill to present your business. The sites I design are always unique in look and feel, as well as in features. No two businesses are the same, so no two sites should be the same. Use my deep skill-set to find your best voice on the Web.